First Major Neverwinter Expansion Gets Release Date and Details

Cryptic Studios promises more of everything in their first ambitious expansion

The official site for Neverwinter has revealed that the game’s first major expansion, Fury of the Feywild, will launch on August 22nd of this year.

The expansion, or module as the development team refers to it, will add a wealth of new content including new regions, two new races (the moon and sun elves), and new professions, loot, companions (and the ability to upgrade existing companions), and the Campaign System.

The Campaign System is a new mechanic that provides players with “projects” that they’ll need to complete to unlock further areas of Sharandar (an elven citadel located in the woods that surround the city of Neverwinter). To progress through the projects, players must complete repeatable quests, solo-instances, or five-person raids on Malabog Castle, also unlocked through the Campaign System.

The two new professions, Weaponsmithing and Artificing, will allow players to craft weapons for their characters, Weaponsmithing for melee and Artificing for magical weapons like holy symbols and orbs. They adhere to what sounds like an expansion wide-theme, allowing players to explore more customization options to make their characters appear unique.

The other major theme seems to be embracing the arcane. Both of the new elven races are very magically oriented, and the eponymous Feywild is a different plane of existence, one where magic flows freely and at times unpredictably. Exploring these new regions opens up a new bestiary for developers to pit against the players, including the deformed giant Fomorians and mischievous imp-like Redcaps.

To complement the new expansion, Perfect World is selling two new premium packs, a sixty dollar Knight of the Feywild pack that includes immediate access to the Moon Elves race, a unicorn mount, sylph companion and other goodies, and the Feywild Starter pack for twenty dollars with a portal hound companion, ring, elven bag and adventurer’s helper pack.