Sokobond Turns Chemistry Into a Fun Puzzler

Sokobond comes with a scientifically lovely puzzling piece for those who love mixing science with fun.

Sokobond is an upcoming puzzle game with a design centered around particles and their bonds. It’s chemistry-oriented puzzler in a “logical and minimalist” style “crafted with love and science.”

Although it shares roots with another similar game, Atomix, its developing team liken it more to another puzzle game, Sokoban. Maybe, it’s a little of both. Given the early images and level design in the video, this comparison shows. The connection of various elements to make a whole particle by being pushed and guided to snapping points is very familiar to Atomix‘s play, but the rotation of these snapping points presents a small detail that will open gameplay up to more ideas.

It will be released for PC, Mac, and Linux, and in the future it will also be available for iOS and Android. While the game is not out yet, you can vote for it on Steam’s Greenlight program here, or you can follow its developers on Twitter: @Draknek, @leehsl, @DualRyan.