WoW 5.3 PTR 16781 Datamining Goodies

Misc. information on patch 5.3, 5.2 hotfixes, and Hearthstone.

The fine folks at MMO-Champion have been providing the WoW community with some lovely datamining from the new 5.3 PTR.


We now know a decent amount about heroic scenarios. As of the PTR, there is an item level requirement of 496. This may be lowered however, as has been the case with some of the higher ilvl requirements in previous WoW PTRs.

There are additional objectives that appear in the quest area on the right of the screen. If you fulfill these objectives, you will gain additional valor. As of right now, the additional valor is listed at 90, although it is subject to change.These objectives have an invisible timer to them and, so far, only two scenarios have them.

The increased difficulty comes not from new mechanics in the fights, but from increased damage and health in the enemies that makes it so you can’t ignore the original mechanics. As long as you have the required ilvl gear, however, it seems like the difficulty won’t be too high. Although it will assuredly require more thought than the average scenario.

The steps for most of the new World of Warcraft 5.3 scenarios have been released.

Blood in the Snow has six steps. The first is to contact Dark Iron Mountaineers in order to find a way to stop a storm. Next you must save three different scouts: Stonebeard, Boldbrew, and Forgefellow. Then you must end a snowstorm by slaying an elemental. Finally, you meet up with Moira and kill a Zandalari leader, allowing you to take the Frostmane Village.

Dark Heart of Pandaria has five steps. The first step is to speak with Grizzle Gearslip, the head of the exploration crew. Next you must defeat an elemental that’s attacking an important mine. Next up, you collect some archeology fragments. After, you head into the Big Blossom Mine. Lastly, you must destroy the Echo of Y’shaarj (I’m so excited for this.)

The Secrets of Emberdeep has five steps. You will first have to make your way into the main chamber and “stop the mongrel forces.” Next up is investigating the chamber you’re in. After that, you build a device to open up a gate. Then you must defend the Gob Squad (woohoo!) Lastly, you and the Gob Squad make your sweet escape.

Battle on the High Seas has four steps and seems to, at least so far, be an Alliance only quest. The first step is to protect your ship from a Horde boarding party. Up next, you will steal explosives from the enemy. After that, you blow up the Alliance ship. Lastly, you defeat Admiral Hodgson.


Some new mount pictures have been datamined from the WoW 5.3 PTR:

Dragonhawk sounds like the punkest haircut ever.

That is a bad-booty mou- Oh no, that tail..

The Dragonhawk mounts are for collecting 200 mounts. The blue and red are Alliance and Horde respectively. It’s not known how you get the Steel Warhorse as of this WoW PTR build.

Class Spell Changes

Druid‘s Glyph of Omens no longer gives a bonus from the spell Solar Beam.

Hunter‘s pet spell Dust Cloud now indicates that Weakened Armor is able to stack up to three times.

Monk‘s Renewing Mist now only costs 5.85% (previously was 6.5%); Revival now specifies a range of 100 yards.

Warrior‘s Defensive Stance now decreases 25% of damage (up from the previous 15%); Unwavering Sentinel no longer increases the damage reduction of Defensive Stance since it seems the bonus 10% is now naturally built into it.

WoW 5.3 looks like it’s shaping up to be a decent patch. I’m excited about fighting the Echo of Y’shaarj. I love me some Old Gods.