WoW 5.3: Select Heirloom Items Lowered in Price

Don’t buy any heirlooms yet! Wait until WoW patch 5.3 for their prices to be lowered. Just saved your butt some JP, huh? You’re welcome.

Leveling up a character for the xth time gets quite boring. That is why the Blizzard devs are constantly lowering the experience required to level as well as providing players with heirloom items to speed up the process. In WoW 5.3, the process becomes easier due to the upgrade heirloom items introduced in 5.2 being lowered in price.

Here is the list of heirloom items that were introduced in World of Warcraft 5.2. This is a pretty big list, which means a lot of items will be going on sale. Insert dollar sign eyes.

The upgrade heirloom items that are to be purchased with justice points have had their prices reduced to 870, 1090, and 1400 JP (down from 2175, 2725, and 3500 respectively.)

The upgrade heirloom items that are to be purchased with honor points have had their prices reduced by the same values as the JP quoted above.

Lastly, the Darkmoon Faire prize ticket upgrade heirloom items have been reduced to 44, 60, and 64 tickets each (down from 110, 130, and 160 respectively.)

With the reduction in the amount of EXP it takes to get from 85 to 90, and the reduction in upgrade heirloom item costs introduced in WoW 5.3, it’s pretty obvious the developers are trying to make leveling up alts even easier than it was before. Now maybe I’ll finally get my monk fully leveled.