Aliens: Colonial Marines Showcases Multiplayer Tactical Options in New Video

A new video for Aliens: Colonial Marines showcases the multiplayer tactical options, from marine weaponry to newly-evolved Xenos such as the spitter, boiler and crusher.

Aliens: Colonial Marines, due to be released on 12th February 2013, has a new video trailer. Having previously teased the storyline video, this one shows the tools and classes available to the Marines and the Xenos as they go head-to-fangs in multiplayer mode.

The footage suggests that a number of classes or upgrades will be available to each combatant, with the marines having access to some fairly routine weapons and equipment. What is more interesting is how Gearbox Software has tweaked Giger’s original Xenomorph concept to provide some much needed variety.

They all look the part and will hopefully add to the depth of tactics available to the Xeno team, but I have my concerns about the decision to give the Xenos a ranged ability. I hope that won’t remove the unique asymmetry of the marine/xeno combat and reduce the multiplayer to standard duck-and-cover firefights, or even worse: sniper aliens.

In any case, I’ll be interested to see how they explain the Xenos’ sudden physiological diversity within the Alien canon (which this game is portrayed as), especially the Crusher Xeno.

Here’s an overview of what’s in the video:


Xeno Ability: Multi-Surface Movement
  • Camouflaged in walls and ceilings
  • Attack marines when they least expect it

Xeno Ability: Smoke Screen
  • Emit thick clouds of smoke to conceal position
  • Immensely effective in close quarters combat

Xeno Special Class: Boiler
  • Kamikaze-like attack
  • Self-destruction, exploding head
  • Showers marines with acid

Xeno Spitter: Primary Attack
  • Spits a fury of acid upon marines
  • Long distance, deadly assault

Xeno Special Class: Crusher
  • Bullet-proof crest; resistance from most weaponry
  • Charges at enemies with massive force


Marine Ability: Revive Teammate
  • Resuscitate downed allies
  • Bring marines back to the fight

Marine Weapon: Shotgun
  • Powerful, short range weapon
  • Extremely effective in tight spaces

Marine Heavy Weapon: M56 Smart Gun
  • Long range weapon with heavy firepower
  • Infrared target-tracking system
  • Electrical pulse action

Marine Heavy Weapon: M240 Incinerator Unit
  • Lethal bursts of intense fire
  • Scorches all xenos in its path