Civilization V: Brave New World – Out Now

Civilization V: Brave New World Is Out Now

Civilization V got a brand new expansion pack yesterday titled Brave New World. This is the second expansion for Civilization V, the first being released over a year ago. This new expansion is all about diplomacy and I can’t wait to kill my enemies with kindness.

In Brave New World we will be getting nine new civilizations and nine new leaders to keep them in line. Each new leader will have a unique building and unit as well as a special ability. Here is a list of the new nations and their respective leaders.

  • Casimir III of Poland
  • Pedro II of Brazil
  • Ashurbanipal of Assyria
  • Maria I of Portugal
  • Gajah Mada of Indonesia
  • Ahmad al-Mansur of Morocco
  • Enrico Dandolo of Venice
  • Shaka of the Zulus
  • Pocatello of the Shoshone

The changes continue with the World Congress, it will start being held every 30 turns in the Renaissance era and increase in frequency as the world moves forward. With the World Congress, civilizations will be able to band together to do things like limit resource use or form policies to block trade with aggressive countries. They will also be adding the new Diplomat unit, similar to the spy unit, but the diplomat unit will be dealing with other countries in all World Congress matters.

The new Culture Victory is the most exciting part for me, it always felt like a waste to barge in and burn down another civilization. All new international trade routes will help you spread your culture world-wide. Spread your culture far and wide enough and world domination will be yours without firing a single shot. We will also be seeing two new policy trees, Aesthetics and Exploration, which will help your empire increase its own ability to generate culture or help you spread your empire across the seas. Another new unit, the Archaeologist, will be added with the ability to build an archaeological site to find great artifacts or create a landmark similar to the Great Artist.

And for those of you who love the scenarios there will be 2 more added. The American Civil War will allow you to fight for either the Confederates or the Union in the struggle between the two capital cities of Richmond and Washington. The Scramble for Africa will feature the colonial powers in a race to explore the dark continent and reach the heart of Africa. Both scenarios sound very exciting and The Scramble for Africa will feature a dynamic map which will change every time you play a new game.

From new world wonders to new city-states there are too many things to mention about Civilization V: Brave New World. I have played it since I picked it up last night and it has me hooked to Civ V all over again. Brave New World was released on July 8th for the pc and I suggest you go pick it up, if you like Civ it is the best expansion so far.