Defiance – The Volge Incursion

Check Out The All New Volge Incursion In Defiance

Yesterday Defiance surprised us with a wave of enemies appearing all over the map. These new enemies are sending raiding parties out and even scaring off the 99’ers. These mysterious aliens are none other than the highly anticipated Volge. The Volge are finally here!

If you want to keep your scrip and stay alive, don’t just stroll up to a group of Volge alone and start shooting. These guys are tough, and they come in several flavors. I recommend grabbing some friends before attacking a group of them but it is possible to solo them. If you feel like kicking some Volge butt just drive around a bit, they are at emergencies all over the map.

This new Volge Incursion has a new pursuit attached to it, so strap on your gear and get ready for more EGO points. Here is a list of what the full Incursion is going to include.

Volge Examination
– Kill a Trooper
– Kill a Bomber
– Kill a Viscera
– Complete 5 Volge emergencies


Clearing Volge Battle – Assist E-Rep soldiers as they defend their camp from a vicious Volge assault
Clearing Volge Boobytrap – Help some miners turn the tables on the Volge by setting up some traps and then witnessing the explosive results
Clearing Volge Kill Raiders – A small Raider camp gets invaded by a Volge hit squad. Let one side clear out the other and then sweep into clean up the mess or take them both on at the side time if you’re ballsy enough to do it.
Clearing Volge Miner Defend a Mining Camp from the Volge Troopers that have come to steal their crates of Gulanite
Road Volge Checkpoint – An ER road Checkpoint is getting overrun by Volge and only your assistance can turn the tide
Road Volge Traffic – Volge are in the process of hijacking a supply of Gulanite

I am sure all of this is to get players ready for the DLC coming this month, and the season finale on SyFy next week. Defiance is also celebrating the 4th of July with an all new Liberty Heavy Trooper outfit in the store as well as a 50% discount on all outfits in the store. So go hop in Defiance, grab some outfits at the store, and start clearing out the Volge Incursion while it lasts.