Elder Scrolls Online Set to Release Craglorn Update

Elder Scrolls Online could see the launch of the first major update, Craglorn, this week.

With recent bad news coming from Zenimax Online Entertainment on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 delay, it was curious if the Elder Scrolls Online‘s first major update would be delayed as well. The game has launched with a fair amount of bugs and other issues they’ve fought to stem.

According to IGN, the goal to release is this week for Craglorn. The update has been on the public test server for weeks now undergoing testing. That testing is ending and Zenimax would like to release the update either Thursday or Friday, May 22nd or 23rd.

Regular maintenance times for the game are different for the North American and European servers. The North American megaserver sees maintenance on Thursdays at 8 am EDT. The European megaserver is on Friday at 4 am CEST, which is Thursday, 10 pm EDT, in the United States. So far, there are no changes mentioned for this week’s scheduled maintenance.

An official announcement from Zenimax Online via their websites or forums has not been made at this time. Patch notes for the update from the test server are posted on their forums.