EVE Online: Odyssey Preview Part Three – Polish, Tweaks and Balances

The dead horse doth twitch and it soundeth good. So the story goes.

New Shiny

Further visual polish has been added in the form of slick new stargate transitions (much improved from the previous black screen judder as the next system loaded) and the updating of textures and effects in the hangar areas, orbital stations and on capital ships.

Pleasing Orbital Solutions

The ongoing tidy-up has yielded further statistical rebalances to more ships and some long-overdue quality of life improvements to null-sec outposts (improved manufacturing capacity) and starbases (POSes), including private hangars and improved usability. These are cited as interim changes, with a major starbase overhaul on the slate for the future:

“While we work on a new version of the longer term plan we have already launched an offensive against the biggest flaws of the current system.” – CCP Fozzie

Awesome Ambience

The soundscape has received further tweaks and taking the time to listen to the the ambient effects of the surrounding environs is a rewarding experience. The overall audio experience of EVE is becoming as much an integral part of the immersive sci-fi experience as its striking visuals.

Personal Trainers

One feature on the expansion page is really aimed at the hardcore and veteran EVE player: the ability to perform “Dual Character Training (DCT)”. EVE’s passive skill progression system typically only allows the progression of one of a possible trio of characters on each account. However, DCT will allow payment for the opportunity to train two simultaneously. Before there is an outcry of “pay to win”, this provides no advantage that isn’t already available by having two separate accounts, it simply makes things more convenient.

Ongoing Stories

There is mention of continued storyline progression, but – like the hidden secrets of exploration – not much can be told of upcoming plans without weakening the secret sauce. Fans of EVE’s prime fiction and the resurgence of live events can only hope that the upward arc continues.

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