New Eden Open: Day 2 Matches 18-19

New Eden Open match summaries and video links
Day 2

Something Else vs. XXXMity
Goggle Wearing Internet Crime Fighters vs. My Little Nulli

Something Else vs. XXXMity

Something Else was barely tested in their first match and XXXMity had a bye for the initial round, so both teams would be entering this match relatively fresh. Something Else had changed their setup to keep the opposition guessing, bringing two Vargur battleships and a Cyclone battlecruiser with logistics and frigate support, whilst XXXMity fielded a fleet comprising entirely Amarr vessels; a Damnation Command Ship and two Oracle battlecruisers with logistics and frigate back-up.

The longer-ranged XXXmity fleet opened fire from the off, first worrying a Something Else ECM Griffin frigate before switching to concentrate fire on the Cyclone. A combination of an equipped ancillary shield booster and remote repairing from the Scimitar kept it in the fight, but the Something Else Vargurs were unable to return fire due to tracking disruption from the trio of XXXmity Sentinels. A Something Else Merlin frigate was the first to fall, but despite that it was a tight, deadlocked match. Suddenly, Something Else Cyclone exploded as its shields collapsed under fire. A pivotal loss? At 13-0 it was still tight.

With the tide turning in their favour, XXXmity pressed the advantage and tackled the Something Else logistics Scimitar, which held out bravely but eventually capitulated. Something Else were now firmly on the back foot, but still in it as they tried to concentrate fire on one of the heavy laser-spewing Oracles. It seemed an effort in vain as a Something Else Vargur exploded and the fragile but vital ECM Griffin was also lost. XXXmity, still with a full compliment of ships, continued to pile the pressure on the beleaguered Something Else survivors and one by one, they too were eviscerated.

Result: Something Else 0 – 70 XXXmity

Goggle Wearing Internet Crime Fighters vs. My Little Nulli

Fresh from their previous victory, Goggle Wearing Internet Crime Fighters fielded Machariel and Vargur battleships with logistics and frigate support. For My Little Nulli’s debut appearance, they had something unusual in mind; a trio of Nightmare battleships working in synergy to provide a capacitor chain of limitless energy. They had no logistics support but had an equal number of frigates to their opponents.

The battle began at range, which seemed to suit the My Little Nulli Nightmares as they held their position whilst taking potshots at GWICF‘s approaching frigates. Several laser salvoes struck home, obliterating one of GWICF‘s Hawk assault frigates. The battle was joined between the frigates, but class soon showed as GWICF‘s more advanced (and more expensive) Tech II Hawks and Harpies completely outmatched the My Little Nulli wing of Incursuses and Merlins, all of which were destroyed without reply in a brief but brutal dogfight.

Stripped of frigate support, the three Nightmares waited for the inevitable GWICF onslaught with eight long minutes of the match remaining. However, with the scores still close at 10-4, GWICF played it smart and stayed away, relying on drones in an attempt to break the enemy down. The drones were ineffective, but the onus was on My Little Nulli to find more points yet they seemed to be making no attempt to do so. It soon became clear that none of the Nightmares had any propulsion modules fitted, making them all incredibly slow and incapable of pursuing. No further losses were forthcoming and an initially intriguing and exciting clash slumped into a dull but tactically sound clock-watching exercise.

RESULT: Goggle Wearing Internet Crime Fighters 10 – 4 My Little Nulli