North American Aion 4.0: Dark Betrayal Site Goes Live, Europe Left in The Dark

4.0 is imminent in North America, but there is no sign of the big patch in Europe.

Not a big spot of news, but NCSoft have finally opened the official Aion 4.0 site for North American players. The site can be found here and will be updated on the next two Wednesdays leading up to the patch’s June 26 release.

If everything goes as planned, new information will be added to the site on June 12 and June 19. Currently there is no real information to be found on the website, with everything but the 4.0 E3 trailer being slapped with the words “Coming Soon”. Even so, this is the first real push NCSoft has made to promote the game’s big patch outside of a few mentions on the official site over the past few months.

Three more weeks to go. Songweaver, here I come!

Where is Aion EU’s 4.0 announcement?

Aion Europe received their update up to 3.9 back in April, but GameForge continues to be tight-lipped over the release of 4.0.

The big patch was mentioned during GameForge’s first free to play anniversary celebration to have more information coming “shortly”, but it has been three months since with no word on Aion 4.0‘s arrival in Europe. With E3 right around the bend and the North American release date having been announced, one can hope my fellow Daeva’s on the other side of the Atlantic will be hearing something soon.