RTS/RPG/MOBA Hybrid Prime World Enters Open Beta July 26th

Prime World is edging near its official open beta launch, which begins next week.

It’s difficult to describe the gameplay found in Prime World aside from that it is a mash up of RTS and RPG mechanics, in a MOBA/ARTS shell. It looks to be bringing some fresh ideas to the MOBA genre, and that is all right with me.

If you’ve been looking to give small developer Nival’s Prime World a shot, you will get your chance come next week as the open beta begins on July 26th. Anyone interested will be able to make an account, log in, and play at any time of day.

Details on how long the open beta will last have yet to be released, but it may not be too far off to guess that it will span for a few weeks into full launch. Nival will likely announce more details as we edge closer to the open beta launch.

If the lack of gameplay description is getting under your skin but makes you curious, check out the gameplay video below and the trailer above. There is just one week until you can try Prime World for yourself.