Skulls of the Shogun on Steam Soon, Get the Beta Now

What’s not to like about samurai skeleton generals with mustaches?

The quirky, strategy-based indie game, Skulls of the Shogun, has been announced for Steam, and it’s the “Bone-A-Fide” Edition. Right now you can pre-order it for $11.99, and get access to the beta version. Included in the beta are all the multiplayer maps, and the first chapter of the single player campaign.

As General Akamoto, you join forces with undead samurai and animal-monks to earn the title of Shogun. In this updated Bone-A-Fide Edition there are 20 single player levels to venture through as you power up your cavalry, infantry, and archers to vengeful demons, plus an extra level called “The Forgotten Isles.” Also, there are over 30 multiplayer maps that range from two-player maps to four.

Earn Steam trading cards for Skulls of the Shogun that allow you to collect badges and emoticons to decorate your Steam profile. In addition to achievements, you can earn up to 66 emblems for winning battles. Fusing emblems removes unwanted ones, and hold the possibility of creating newer, rare emblems to spruce up your single and multiplayer profiles.

You can check out this cartoony strategy epic on Steam or at