The New NVIDIA Flagship is here – GeForce 980 Ti

NVIDIA has released a brand new flagship GPU at a more affordable price.

If you are a console gamer, then you may not understand the excitement that PC gamers experience at the idea of two letters at the end of their graphics card. That’s perfectly ok, being free of the stress of keeping on top of technological trends can be very freeing. If you are a PC gamer, however, then you can’t ignore a new flagship GPU from NVIDIA.

If you have been thinking of upgrading or breaking into PC gaming, this would be a very good time. The new 980 Ti sits at a much lower price ($649) than the GTX Titan X ($999) and should keep you secure well into the future.

The NVIDIA GTX 980 Ti was announced by NVIDIA yesterday alongside a short and sweet video. It comes with 6 GB of memory, supports DirectX 12 and is more than capable and pumping out 4k resolution. NVIDIA say of their new product:

Your games will be more immersive. They’ll run faster. And they’ll look better. And with a design that sips power rather than gulps it, gamers get quiet, cool operation. Noise or heat will never become a distraction. And, for those with space constraints, you can even use GTX 980 Ti in a small form-factor PC.

With the approach of DirectX 12, Virtual Reality, 4k monitors becoming more commonplace, and affordable and more graphically impressive but demanding games such as The Witcher 3 being developed, a new flagship GPU could not have come at a better time.