Dota 2 Now Fully Available to Mac and Linux Users

Linux, Mac, and Windows users can finally come together over Dota 2. It’s about time!

We may like to joke about Valve taking their sweet time with Dota 2, but this is one update that happened rather quickly: Mac and Linux users can toss the Dota 2 Test client to the wind, download the full client, and play in matchmaking.

This bit of news came a mere two weeks after the test client became available. The system requirements have not changed, so those who could poke around with the test client should be able to play the game with little to no issue.

The one problem here for those of you looking to get in quickly, is that the game still has a sizable queue for new players.

The new player queue does not affect those who were in the closed beta phase, but does affect most people trying to access the game for the first time post-launch. This precaution is to avoid heavy server load and to keep the influx of new players from impacting stability.

If you have yet to hop into the new player queue, you can do so via the Dota2 store page in the Steam client. You will be notified once you are reached the front of the queue.

It has been a long time coming, but let me be the first to welcome brand new Mac and Linux users to the exciting world of Dota 2! Be sure to get your fill of guides, play the in-game tutorial, and try your hand at some bot games before jumping in head first in matchmaking.