Dragon Nest EU Closed Beta Starting February 27

The European Dragon Nest launch is way overdue. Better late than never. Right? Right?

The European Dragon Nest launch is way overdue. Several Asian countries got it in 2010, and the North American and South East Asian servers launched in 2011. The wait has been so long that most of the European gamers who wanted to play the game already invested their time into the South East Asian server. But hey — it’s better than no European release at all.

eFusion MMOG GmbH is publishing Dragon Nest in the region after being pushed back multiple times, in order to localize the game for the European playerbase.

The closed beta will be beginning on February 20 and it will last one week. eFusion MMOG GmbH hopes to ensure server stability during the beta, as well as get player feedback on their localization.

A second closed beta is expected to happen sometime later in the year, as the publisher moves toward a 2013 commercial release.

Is this too little too late? Or is it more of a “better late than never” situation? Considering the popularity of Dragon Nest in other regions, the game is likely to do just as well in Europe as it has elsewhere.


Source: Dragon Nest EU