Exclusive WildStar Demo with the Developers

Yes that is correct. Myself and our expert podcaster Mark Taylor with Umbra guild were the first in the world (other than the devs) to get to see this amazing demo of their game.

This is, I would say, the absolute best part of their whole presentation. Not that the rest was not spectacular, this was the biggest eye opener on how successful this game could be.

I know the term “WoW Killer” has been floating around more rapidly with Elder Scrolls Online coming and all the others from the past. This I think is the first true potential competitor. There will never be a “WoW Killer”, but this is bringing something truly new to the genre. Keep posted for the rest of this demo and their panel from Pax East 2013 to get all the rest of the juicy details.

Interview by Mark Taylor (AKA Lord Hammer from Guild UMBRA)
Filmed and Edited by Brian Schaaf (AKA Rothalack from GameSkinny)