Horror based clicker game Insanity Clicker now on Steam

Insanity clicker – a clicker game with maniacs – is now available on Steam.

Insanity Clicker, a game similar to Cookie Clicker but with a lot of monsters, has recently been added to Steam.

Developed by Play Flock, Insanity Clicker was added to Steam Greenlight almost one year ago — and on June the 7th, it was finally added to the Steam store as a free-to-play game.

In the trailer, it states you can fight monsters, upgrade your heroes, unlock achievements, and kill monsters with boosters. The monsters are an array of various lunatics who, according to the description on the Steam page, are ready to eat you alive, tear you up into pieces, or just kill you via the injection of a deadly vaccine.

Insanity Clicker is a time-killer game full of horror and fear that will make you tremble in a couple minutes!”

— Play Flock

A bold statement to be sure, but for what it is Insanity Clicker, looks like it could be a fun title. Currently, the reviews are mixed, with more players leaning to ‘Not Recommended’ due to the amount of microtransactions in the game. But for what it is, it could be a decent title for the casual gamer or the horror enthusiast.