League of Legends Mac Client On PBE

League of Legends has its mac os client currently in testing on the public beta environment.

League of Legends is officially one of, if not still the outright most-played game on the planet, and now it looks like that most-played game is looking to shortly be available to even more people.

Riot Games has begun testing a Mac-based client for League of Legends on its Public Beta Environment. The announcement came on the forums from Steve “Udyr” Mieczkowski, and he’s also confirmed that once they’ve finished bugtesting the client on the PBE, they’ll be launching an open beta for the new client.

He also indicated that it has required a great deal of reworking League of Legends’s base game engine in order to make it compatible across both platforms, but it also means that they will be able to apply updates universally across all clients regardless of operating system at the same time without delaying the release to customize based on client.

The source forum post has the link you need to download the Mac PBE client. If you’ve got a Mac and PBE access, get into it so we can make the League of Legends even bigger!