League of Legends – New Undo Button

League of Legends Gets An All New Undo Button

League of Legends has finally added something truly useful into the game, an undo button. Remember all those times you bought the item right under the one you wanted? Well now you will have an all new button in the shop that lets you undo your last purchase.

The button is not live on the standard servers yet but if you want to check it out it is up and running on the PBE server. The button works by recording a history of what you have bought or sold. There are certain actions that will clear your history. As long as you don’t leave the game, initiate combat, cast a spell, or use an item you will be able to undo your last transaction in the shop.

The undo button will be available on the standard servers soon. Until then, check out the PBE server or download LOL if you haven’t already played it.