Primal Carnage’s Get to the Chopper Mode Finally Live For Reals

Lukewarm Media is turning it up on Primal Carnage.

I probably don’t need to mention that I love Primal Carnage every time I bring it up, but I really do. The new Get to the Chopper mode adds some new gameplay aspects that make things a bit more exciting than your average Team Deathmatch round. The trailer below highlights the new mode and content with a snazzy track by Infected Mushroom.

Get to the Chopper mode is finally completely live, and Lukewarm Media have added some goodies with this update. Two new maps, the Spinosaurus, and the Battle-Scarred T-Rex skin are all free and available in this update.

The new maps, a variation of “The Falls” and the brand new “Ruthless” snowy mountain environment, add some much-needed change to the two previous Get to the Chopper maps. The Ruthless map in particular is fresh, because of its new setting and fighting dinosaurs while trying to make your way uphill is surprisingly gratifying.

Windows users can nab Primal Carnage on Steam for $4.99 on Steam until March 13th – regular price is $14.99. If you loved Jurassic Park (or dinosaurs in general) as a kid, the game was basically made for you.

If you didn’t, well. That was a sad childhood.