Sanctum 2 now available in Europe

Sanctum 2 on Xbox Live in Europe

Indie developer Coffee Stain Studios have announced that the sequel to their hybrid tower-defense/ shooter game has been released on Xbox Live Arcade in Europe.

Sanctum 2 puts you in the role of a soldier who must defend Oxygen producing Cores from hostile alien invaders. The game has very distinct artistic and play styles that makes it stand above many generic shooters on the market.

You can set up multiple towers to give you support as you personally deal with waves of enemies. You can personalize your character to fit your play tactics as well. Drop in Co-Op allows friends to jump in and help you on the fly.

Characters and enemies have unique animation and abilities that you must pay attention to and compensate for with specialized turrets.

Sanctum 2 is now available worldwide for $14.99 on Windows PC and 1200 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live. The PlayStation Network version will launch within the coming weeks.

For more information on Coffee Stain Studios and Sanctum 2, visit their site.