Touhou Coming West After Twenty Years

Touhou, Japan’s most popular indie game series, comes West on May 7!

The Touhou series sees its first-ever official Western/English release on May 7 of this year. Barring, of course, various less-than-official English patches. The localization team at Japanese indie game distributor Playism says they’re releasing two of the most recent Touhou games in English simultaneously: Touhou 14: Double Dealing Character and Takkoman. Takkoman’s a platformer; Double Dealing Character, being another main Touhou installment, is a bullet hell. Double Dealing Character originally came out in the summer of 2013, and Takkoman’s a fan-made game based on Touhou mythos.

Touhou 14: Double Dealing Character

Touhou is something of a Japanese crossmedia indie phenomenon. ZUN (that’s one guy’s pseudonym, not a company name) has cranked out almost twenty Touhou games to date since the mid-90s, most of them bullet hells or fighters. Unlike a lot of doujin, ZUN’s universe is completely original. Over the past twenty years, the Touhou fever’s spread to manga, light novels, and a crazy amount of fan works.


Double Dealing Character and Takkoman will be available through the Playism store in just a few short days, for $15 and $10, respectively. This series is gigantic overseas; we’ll see how it fares here.