Trailer: EVE Online’s Odyssey Leads New Players Into the Dark

EVE Online creators, CCP Games, know how to make a video. This one heralds the launch of the Odyssey expansion and below you’ll find a hacking tutorial and a …well, you’ll see.

“The vastness of space intrigues and terrifies us. Seemingly unconquerable and unending, the universe dares us to explore.”

CCP Games‘ efforts to reinvigorate the mystery of the unknown have begun with the deployment of their 19th free EVE Online expansion – Odyssey – and the release of the enticing trailer above.

CCP’s EVE Online trailers never fail to impress and always convey aspects of the EVE Universe with such aplomb, it’s little wonder there’s a TV series in the pipeline.

The theme of exploration is central to the Odyssey expansion and the trailer shows a group of specialist exploration and Covert Ops frigates departing to scan down and investigate mysterious new sites scattered throughout the star cluster of New Eden.

As well as adding some polish to the scanning interface, Odyssey brings a new gameplay element to EVE Online in the form of a mini-game which facilitates access to items in archaeology and hacking sites. Successful completion of the mini-game triggers the release of a cloud of loot which pilots must then attempt to gather up before they dissipate.

To help players get to grips with this, CCP RedDawn has produced this helpful tutorial video which walks us through the basics of the hacking interface.

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