Unique Ship Prizes Showcased During EVE’s Alliance Tournament XI

New shiny spaceships are the lifeblood of any MMO economy based on shiny spaceships. Obviously.

As the exploding spaceship carnage continues into its second weekend, EVE Online‘s eSports tournament coverage on Twitch included details of the unique prizes which will be awarded to the winners.

The new ships will be provided in extremely limited numbers and therefore will be hugely valuable, not to mention rare. As with previous tournament prize ships, the merest sighting of one in day-to-day travel in New Eden is almost unheard of and to have the opportunity to claim one as a kill is the rarest of boasts.

This year’s prizes are based around the Angel Cartel faction, the hugely powerful pirate NPC organisation who have provided other extremely popular ships like the devastating Machariel battleship and the infamous Dramiel frigate.

Excitingly, both of the new additions, the Chremoas (based on the Dramiel hull) and the Moracha (a variant of the previously unplayable Ixion cruiser model) are designed to operate as covert operations vessels, both being able to fit covert ops cloaks and covert cynosural field generators.

The Chremoas:

The Moracha:

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