Blizzard holds wedding in South Korea for StarCraft pro NaDa

Blizzard let their StarCraft champion, NaDa, wed his long-time girlfriend during the Legacy of Void launch party.

Blizzard went above and beyond for one of their StarCraft champions, throwing him a giant wedding in South Korea. The huge wedding took place at the Legacy of Void launch party, which was fitting for the wedding of a champion.

A Huge Ceremony

Most people want a huge ceremony with their friends and family, but NaDa (Yoon Yeol), received the best wedding gift of all. He was able to marry the love of his life in a giant location with thousands of people watching. Sharing the precious moment with his long-time girlfriend since their university days was not at all private. Not only did he share this special moment with the attendees, but it was streamed on Twitch and the Blizzard channel.

Below you can find the entire Twitch stream of the ceremony and Legacy of Void party. NaDa’s ceremony starts taking place at roughly thirty-seven minutes in.

Watch live video from GSL on

What do you think of the wedding Blizzard put on for one of their StarCraft champions? Is it fitting for one of their kings? Share your thoughts with me below!