Capcom Makes Their “Big” Street Fighter Announcement

Did you feel that? I think the earth started to shake under our feet… wait a second before you stand up.

After releasing the Hadouken Cabs viral video earlier this week, Capcom had promised us some “big news” for next year’s Ultra Street Fighter IV release. Considering that Hadouken Cabs was actually part of an official Playstation 4 ad, most of us assumed the big news was that Ultra Street Fighter IV is coming to the Playstation 4.

Super Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono fueled the speculation on Twitter by talking about the PS4 launch in New York, and confirming he had just arrived in the US.

Capcom’s Tomoaki Ayano made some announcements today regarding Ultra Street Fighter IV via the Capcom Saikyo Blog.

And, the third new battle system is

“Delay Standing”

try it out!

Delay standing allows you to delay the usual timing of get up from knockdown.
Now you can develop strategies against attacks with strong okizeme!.

Please come everyone!

So basically, what just happened is the big news is some dates of when they’re doing location tests in the arcades and that you can now delay when your character stands up from a knockdown. This is in addition to the already announced multi-hit absorbing Red Focus and the ability to choose both Ultras when selecting your character.

While diehard Street Fighter IV players will tell you how delayed wakeup is going to drastically change the game… most of us felt the bigger news might have been the long-teased fifth new character. It’s also not nice to release a video about Ryu driving a taxi cab for Sony and not explain what it means. Not cool Capcom… not cool.