EverQuest’s Nagafen a Special Treat for Dragon’s Prophet Players at SOE Live

Lord Nagafen is too much dragon for one game series. Didn’t you know?

It should be a given than most Dragon’s Prophet players have a penchant for dragons, and it’s hard not to have a sort of drive to have the rarest of them all.

One dragon, the Nagafen, can only be obtained one way: by attending SOE Live between August 1st and 4th.

EverQuest and EverQuest 2 players should be familiar with Lord Nagafen, considering his place in both games’ high level content. He appears in Dragon’s Prophet looking better than ever, with an updated look incorporating aspects of his likeness from both EverQuest titles.

The downside to all of this is that there will likely not be many people riding Nagafen around Auratia. After all, what percentage of Dragon’s Prophet players will have the chance to head to SOE Live? Not a great deal, but it’s not too late just yet: On-site registration for SOE Live tickets ends today, meaning you have to hurry if you want a sure bed to get in to see what EverQuest Next is all about and nab yourself a Nagafen.

This big guy does look very cool, and for that chunk of Dragon’s Prophet players with a history with EverQuest it is a real treat. You may not see many Nagafens flying around, but those rare few will have a special homage mount and battle companion, just for them.