Exclusive Interview: Margaret Krohn with PlanetSide 2

Mark catches up with Margaret and gets the skinny on how her new position is going and what it’s doing for the greater good of PlanetSide 2.

Margaret Krohn was a developer for PlanetSide 2, she now manages interactions with community for the game. This means if you post things on Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, or their forums with PlanetSide 2 feedback or commentary, she is watching! She compiles all the feedback and then prioritizes what the developers will fix.

Margaret goes on to explain many of the changes and updates the game is going through or plans to go through:

  • Lattice system
  • Reworking of the resource system
  • New Continent, Hossin
  • Updates to bases

Another topic discussed in this interview is how PlanetSide 2 is dipping its feet into the e-sports area. The thing that I’m most interested in for this topic is the fact that their battleground will be 48 versus 48. That is absolutely enormous.

Cash Store

The final topic of discussion is the changes to PlanetSide’s in game store. The major change to the store is simply amazing. They are going to be adding “player studio”. Player studio allows players to create items that are then approved by SOE. The approved items are then put into the cash store where other players can buy the. When your created item is purchased you receive a percentage.

Lastly she mentions that EverQuest Next is going to unveiled at SOE Live (August 1st-4th) and that PlanetSide is getting a port to PS4.