Gamer Spends $22,500 on Unreleased Star Citizen and Doesn’t Look Back

How much real money are you willing to spend on in game items?

The average person who plays Star Citizen contributes $96 to the game. Wulf Knight is not your average Star Citizen player… his current total investment in the game is $22,501.

“I’ve got a Pokémon complex,” Knight told Wired. “I have to have them all. They put it out there, I buy it.”

Special perks have been offered to Knight because of his investments. One such perk includes a chance to play the game with Chris Roberts the creator of Star Citizen, a perk Knight declined, saying he “has better things to do.”

I know personally when I spend real money on a game I always have buyer’s remorse. You would think Knight would have the same thing but he says, “I’m a professional. I’m married to a professional, and I have no debts, so I have resources to put into my hobby. You spend as much restoring a car. I know people who have $3,000 paintball markers.”

Knight believes that Roberts’ famous Wing Commander was an important experience for him and that it taught him valuable professional skills. He believes the game launched many IT careers and Knight is excited that, after 10 years, Roberts is putting out another space sim. Knight compares it to Tolkien coming back from the dead.

Star Citizen is, to date, the most successful crowdfunded project of any kind in history. The game has raised more than $77 million from more than 850,000 backers. If you’d like to learn more, check out our recent article explaining why Star Citizen will blow you away.