Saints Row V: Already under development

Thanks to a tweet by Jay Mohr, we now know that there’s a new Saints Row game in the works

Back in August, Deep Silver launched the fourth installment of formerly THQ’s franchise with Saints Row IV, bringing memories back from older games, maybe, as a tribute to the now nonexistent THQ.

Well, it has been clear that more games for the franchise were going to be released in the future, but we didn’t think development on the next installment would start this soon, as it has been mentioned, over Twitter, that a probable Saints Row V is already undergoing development.

See? Some voice work is already being recorded for the game, even though there’s absolutely no information about this upcoming game yet, besides what Deep Silver made clear some time ago when it was stated that future games being completely different from what we’re used to. All we have now to do is wait for some further information about the next Saints Row game.