Take a Staycation with Rift during Summerfest 2013

It’s summertime in Rift starting July 25th!

The dog days of summer are upon us. Heat waves are a common occurrence and Rift has a new way for people to beat the heat. Summerfest is returning to Rift July 25th. Video games are a great way to say cool during the summer, but Rift goes even further to offer additional content to make their game feel like summer.

The Exuvia of Khargroth

Zone events are common in Rift, but during the Summerfest, a new one is being added. This year, the fae are invading those on vacation in Telara for Summerfest. Led by Swarmlord Khargroth, revenge is said to be his by his minions. Perhaps citizens Telara over will show this fae what they are all about and how his invasion will not be tolerated.

Seek and Ye Shall Find

Other than the new zone event, other events and rare items are waiting to be found. There will be a scavenger hunt throughout the lands (and who doesn’t love a good scavenger hunt). Rare companions are also being introduced, 11 of them to be exact. Catch these bunnies or cobras (and more) to add to your companion collection.

What Will I Wear?

Not ready for summer? No problem. The Rift store will be stocked with a lot of new gear and items. Don’t have a swimsuit? Check the Rift store for one you might like and then go take a dip in the water. Other exclusive items will be available in the rift store, including a new companion.

Credits, Credits, Who’s Got the Credits?

More you say? Just logging into Rift during Summerfest will give you a chance a free Rift credits (ranging from 25-75). Patrons, of course, have a higher chance of receiving free credits, but experience pays.

Will you be joining in the summer fun at Summerfest in Rift?