CCP Developers Talk EVR: An Oculus Rift Experience in New Eden

“It’s a labor of love, essentially.”

“Enjoy EVE from a different perspective.” – David Gundry

Mark stopped by the EVR booth at E3 and noticed something interesting. Monitors were showing EVE Online, but the players were wearing Oculus Rift headsets.

So what’s going on? EVR

EVR is a three minute proof of concept that let’s you enjoy the EVE universe in virtual reality. The team demo’d EVR at E3 and Fanfest 2013, and was enthusiastically received by fans.

In the video (above) Mark dives into how EVR was created and where it will go from here with EVE Online / CCP developers David Gundry (programmer) and Andrew Robinson (artist).

Will EVR be integrated with EVE Online?

They aren’t saying. But I’ll take that as a ‘maybe.’