New DayZ Mod: Standalone Prequel

With the DayZ standalone looming, a non-profit PC gaming group called the GamersPlatoon Organization has made a new DayZ mod for ARMA 2 that aims to be a prequel for the upcoming standalone release.

DayZ is coming, and as excited as Dean Hall is about it, the rest of the world is sharing his enthusiasm. How enthusiastically are people looking forward to it? Only enough to make an entirely new DayZ mod for ARMA 2 to serve as a prequel to the upcoming standalone release.

DayZ: Origins is this new mod, put together by the nonprofit PC gaming group, GamersPlatoon Organization, uses a modified version of DayZ’s Taviana community map with some new locations. It has an island of wealthy people fortified with mercenaries against the coming zombies, complete with the firepower to do so that players can try to gain access to.

Other additions include the ability to build vehicles, a cycling day/night system, and a unique super-zombie that is hinted as being the original cause of the outbreak. Killing or incapacitating this original zombie could even conceivably offer a chance at finding a cure (or at least vaccination), but then again, such things are rarely simple, particularly in the genre of zombie apocalypses.

You can download DayZ: Origins at its official website, hopefully it’ll tide you over until the standalone release is in all of our hands.