Raven Software Release the Jedi Knight 2 Engine to the Public!

In response to Lucas Arts’ dissolution, Raven Software releases the source code for Jedi Knight II!

LucasArts is Gone

But not Forgotten

Yesterday morning, Disney announced the closing of LucasArts, known for making some of our favorite Star Wars games. It was a sad day. I remember playing all sorts of games made by them. Dark Forces, the Jedi Knight series. Even a non Star Wars game, Gladius, is still one of my favorite console games. There’s been a lot of outcry. From tears to anger, the fans have made their voices known.

But now we have a new response. Raven Software, co-creator of Jedi Knight 2, decides to do something for the community as a sort of send of to Lucas Arts being shut down. Today, they released the Jedi Knight 2 source code to the fans and modding community. This is pretty kick butt, as modders can do stuff they only dreamed about. HD mods, graphical updates, new content, it’s all available to them now. I haven’t played JK2 in quite some time, but this wave of good news is starting to make me nostalgic, and I can’t wait to see what comes of this.